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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to start a podcast?

4 reasons 

1. You would be meeting your ideal client where they are at.

2. Podcasting is the perfect platform from which to educate and spread a message.

3. It's a great platform for people who don't connect through social media.

4.Audio content is the FUTURE!

Why wouldn’t I just launch my podcast myself?


Because it would take you forever. It took me a few months and I wasted hours of youtube rabbit hole video watching on which is the best microphone.

Launching your podcast with me takes just 1 day.

Get your studio plugged in, trailer recorded, artwork designed, music selected and submitted to iTunes.

Why wouldn't I produce my podcast myself?


Well, because it takes so much time every week and many podcasters can't handle the weekly time commitment so they end up quitting.

Starting and Dropping a PODCAST is worse than not launching at all.

Can’t my VA do this?


Sure, your VA can do this and I train your VA on all the in's and out's for a seamless process.

What do I need in place to be ready to launch a podcast?


a. A topic you are an expert at or want to be an expert in

b. Be passionate about the topic

c. Commitment to the process

Why should I launch my podcast even though it doesn’t directly bring sales?”




Actually , it can directly bring in sales because you are warming your leads and educating them about everything they need to know to want to hire you.

You also have the ideal platform to build the "KNOW, LIKE TRUST" factor.

You are not fighting for your audience's attention like you do on instagram or facebook, you are talking into their ears for 20-60 minutes at a time during their most intimate moments of their day.

How do I monetize my podcast?


1. Sponsorships

2. Affiliates

3. Host created offers- (My favorite, because after building so much trust and investing so much energy, time and love into your audience, you get to directly benefit from your labor and keep supporting your audience. Plus you don't need a large audience to start making a profit.)

What are the costs involved?


1. a one time tech setup investment (microphone, etc).

2. music for your intro and outro

3. your hosting platform - a monthly subscription

4. and me, the success podcast coach who will set you up for success

What kind of support does Franciska offer?


I'm so glad you asked because we have 3 beautiful ways:

1. The Launch VIP day

customized shopping list for your studio setup

elimination of decision fatigue

a seamless launch process

2. Production Services

You hit record, we do the rest: the white-glove podcasting production experience you've been waiting for is here.

3. 1:1 Coaching with Franciska:

a. learn to monetize/create your own offers?

b. grow Your Audience

c. improve your interviewing skills

d. content creation

e. how to attract household named guests.

What industries have you helped produce podcasts for?


Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Schools, Rabbis, Leaders

How do I stand out in saturated podcast market?


The actual question is: Do you feel worthy? 

Do you have a message worth sharing? 

The answer is, that no one is exactly like YOU. Even though there are podcasts that may be covering the same topics, no one can do it your style, expertise and experiences.


Some people will only connect  with your story, so if you believe your ideas are worth spreading then it's up to you to feel worthy to take up space in the expanding podcast world.

Do you have a question that was not addresses here?


If you feel ready to join the podcast movement, go ahead and BOOK A CALL with FRANCISKA to get started.

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