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Meet Franciska

Your Podcast Expert

A winning podcast can prove to be instrumental in successfully engaging your audience and turn them into customers. So if yours isn’t working yet, perhaps it's time to turn to a professional.

Ready To Podcast?

Whether you are a startup, an entrepreneur, an analyst, a busy businesswoman or you have a mind-blowing idea, a product, or some substantial insight to share with a wider audience; you need to focus on developing and growing your business while we can work on producing target-oriented, marketing-based professional podcasts with rich content and sound production value. 

Make Your Podcast Vision A Reality

At Kay Productions, we are dedicated to producing the best version of your podcast, so that it turns out exactly how you envisioned it. 

Podcast Services we offer...

Content Creation


Podcast Guests


Show Notes

Content Services

  • Your idea is the core of your        podcast. But presenting it in ways that will resonate with your target audience is the key to creating  audio that will engage, and convert.  

  • Plan season – the long term goal-oriented planning in lieu of what you need to get out of your podcast. 

  • Content creation – episodic theme, choice of phrases, keywords to use

  • Guests lineup – in case you wish to have a guest appearance 

  • Show notes – Complete show notes for each episode  

Technical Assistance 

  • Production set up – high tech production facility to make your voice more attractive to all kinds of audiences. 

  • Recording – With proper planning, we can save a lot of time recording the audio. IF you need retakes, no problem. 

  • Editing & mixing – Proper editing and sound mixing can make or break audio to make it pleasant to the ears. 

  • Engineering – scrubbing the sound, cleaning the noises echoes, and making it perfect. 

Distribution & Outreach

  • Uploading – the technical aspects of actually putting it out there. 

  • Marketing – no content is worthy unless it finds the right audience. Let us help you market the podcast to find the right audience.  

  • Agency-style: outreach: professional tools to market and maximize outreach. 

  • Managing RSS Feed – handling the technicalities. 

About Franciska

Kay Productions CEO/founder Franciska Kosman is a Jewish Orthodox art-Preneur who started her career as a singer and composer and became an international artist and performer, having released over 60 singles. She then moved on to launch Kay Productions, which offers a unique combination of services, from content development to producing, marketing, and – most importantly – ways to make an IMPACT with a message worth sharing.



She started her own podcast: The Franciska Show, to give voice to the inspiring stories of Orthodox Jewish female artists. Traditionally, women's voices have been stifled for ages, nevertheless, modern technology has opened up new horizons for women to engage with their audiences in a variety of ways that were unheard of a decade ago. 


Franciska is a dedicated activist for her community and effectively uses her platform to empower musicians and artists around her. 

Podcast Strategist and Done for You Producing 


You don't just want a podcast, you want a vehicle for business growth, that's as easy as sitting down, and hitting record (we'll take care of everything else) 


Maximum amount of impact


Educate your audience (difference in attention span). 


Exquisitely supported in starting and maintaining a weekly podcast flow 


You can't afford to …

  • Spend time trying to teach your team all the moving parts 

  • Have to someone "tinkering" it together, when your brand is something you've been working on for years to establish (reputation)


You sit and hit record once a week, we take care of everything else 

(from planning topics, editing, shownotes, to marketing and outreach) 




(because your time is valuable, but so is your message)


  • Plan season / content creation 

  • Tech set up 

  • Editing, uploading 

  • Show notes 

  • Marketing 

  • Agency-style: outreach 

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"Tech overwhelms me, thinking about podcasting was really stressing me out. Franciska set me up so beautifully, I now know the essential details I need to have a professional podcast."

- Aleeza B.

"Franciska took my anxiety and helped me confidently launch my podcast, all I have to do is show up and do what I do best. I'm feeling really good about getting going now."

- Olivia H.

"People have been telling me I must start a podcast. But I'm a busy entrepreneur with NO extra time, Franciska transitioned my team and has set us up within a week. I'm so happy with the results."

- Will G.

Let’s Get You Podcasting Like a Pro

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